Lesson Policies

This policy is provided for you in order to have a clear understanding of what is expected from you and/or your child, as well as what is expected from Werner Music and its teachers. By following these guidelines we will optimize the lesson time and keep the learning enjoyable and productive!


Student Cancellation:

We will allow for up to 3 rescheduled lessons per year. Lessons will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time for the teacher and a student, and will occur between Dec 17-20 and Jan 2-4 and anytime over the summer. After 3 rescheduled lessons, all further cancellations will be considered paid for and not made up. Lessons must be cancelled by 8am the day of the lesson in order for a rescheduled lesson to occur, otherwise the lesson is considered missed and paid for. Students are expected to complete a full term of lessons, if not the current month must be completed or else lessons will be considered paid in full with no refund. Werner Music reserves the right to adjust schedule times as needed by communication with you.


Teacher Cancellation:

Credit will be applied to the following month lessons, unless the cancelled lesson was for June, then the lesson will be made up over the summer.


Inclement Weather Cancellation:

Lessons may be rescheduled at the teachers or studios discretion when the weather is poor. These lessons will be made up during the rescheduled lesson period or a credit given.

Books and Materials

Werner Music provides all books and materials as necessary (at cost) to the student. Payment for material is due the beginning of the next month. When materials are lent to a student it is expected that the material is to be kept in the same condition it was lent in. If the material is lost or stolen the student is responsible to replace the material.